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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Blinkie...Blinkies....Ived always wonder how others came up with all their wonderful blinkies in their blogs and sigs ...their so cute to wear...with all the colorful and diff. animations in it.....

Sueli Colbert was so generous enough to make me one..And as soon as I received it, i immediately post it in my blog..hhhehhehe and in all my sigs...lol!I kept looking for tutorial in CS3 but unfortunately i didnt find any easy tutorial..or perhaps i must admit ..,im bit lazy to read and follow step by step tutorials ..lol! finally, i asked Sueli what software she used, and she said she was using Animation Shop 3..and wallah.., i downloaded a trial version and for 2 weeks it was only standing in my notebook, coz i didnt know how to start and create it..tutorials were limited. only until yesterday that i told myself i need to create another one besides Sueli's gift!! And i was so happy to figure it out after sitting for almost 4 hours...lol!! & came up with one simple custom BLINKIE....it was simple yet so happy i was able to create one....hehehe

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credits : "Comme un oiseau sur une branche" by Loloden Designs

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1 comment:

grace said...

woooow! coooool blinkie! huh! galing ng lolah ko!!!

Credits Designs: Minima template , Strawberry Delight by Holly Designs