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Friday, October 31, 2008

SPD October Challenges

I just finished 7 layouts and entered it at SPD Challenge for the month of October. Each layout will gain 2 points and every 20 points you gathered will win you $5 gift certificate at SPD Boutique.Isnt that great.., they have fabulous designers!

Pickle Penning Challenge

- For my Family -

(Urban shoreline - nikki beaudreau)
Pickle Inspiration Challenge
- Biking Together -
(Tabloid Hush - Faith True)
Pickle Template Challenge
- Rochelle and Queenly -
( julie bullock -playday /chrissy w - jumblewords)
template by Deena Hagen
Cucumber Concoction Challenge
- Bhaby Gheirra -
Backgrounds and ribbon from Tabloid Hush kit by Faith True
decorated twine - Jofia Devoe
Feerie d'ete Butterfly/rainbow - New Life Dreams
flowerrubon -freeyoursoul kit by kasia designs
Five Pickle Discount Challenge
- Picture Perfect -
(Spumoni Medley {revamped}- Laura Deacetis)
Pickle Phonts Challenge
- You and Me Together -
this is my friend Vhiel and her hubby
(Shabby Moment by Bisontine)
Gerkin Hues Challenge
- CUTE -
(An Eclectic Fall- Kasia Designs)

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