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Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have been really busy this last few days, I was working on my Blog’s new look. I have seen so many static blogs designs and I thought that my blog needs a new look too..lol! When I visit a blog site, the first thing I prefer to look at is its blog design and what gadgets are installed.….And there are lots of beautiful blogs out there with so many things to see in their blogs… To be honest, Im so new to blogging…Im not even familiar using CSS codes, html…etc.., but when Ruby encouraged and helped me in creating my own blog last Aug. and I find it so much fun making new posts… and editing it every now and then ,heheheh I also gained new friends in blogging.
With my new Blog design you will notice I have installed navigation menu, sidebar tags (thanks to Vhi
el for the idea!) and my new static background. I have added a before and after snap shot below. Tell me what do you think of my NEW Blog Design.I would love to see your comments...wink, wink!




grace said...

Woooow Rhuth! Super blog make over huh! 2 d highest level.... Ganda!!!

Vhiel said...

love the new look.. ;)

Shawtyp said...

awesome blog makeover.. love it.. I have to figure out how to do all that stuff.. eventually..lol.. just stoppin in and leavin some love.

Hugs, Heather

Jhoice said...

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Lisadee said...

Hey there Rhuth ... this looks awesome, I love your blog. I finally sorted this comment leaving thing out too thanks to you - lol, keep on keeping me inspired - love Lisa

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